Ursidae class mammals defecate within tree populated areas, study finds

Mammals of the family Ursidae have been discovered defecating in areas heavily populated by trees, new research shows. 

Bear squatting to poop

Scientists followed three species of Ursidae (bears) in their natural environments in North America, Europe and Asia in what is possibly the largest longitudinal study of mammalian habits outside of children’s fiction by AA Milne. Three teams of up to four researchers followed the bears, carefully observing and cataloging their daily habits. Many researchers found they became close to the animals.

“After a few years of following Broke-Tooth around, he started to seem closer to me than my own family,” said one researcher.

After years of meticulous study, the team is now able to draw broad conclusions about the magnificent creatures’ habits.

Head of the research team, Professor Reginald R. Bainbridge comments, “we can now say with some certainly that family Ursidae have a strong preference for taking their bowel movements in areas with dense arborial activity.”

What ramifications these conclusions have for wider humanity presently remains unclear, however continuing research in this field is likely, considering the high “cuteness” factor of the animal’s young and the apparent relative ease in conducting of this type of research.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your eye on them all the time, they make a fair amount of noise as the crash about the place and their leavings have a very strong, unmistakable odour,” says the youngest member of the research team, “it becomes like a natural trigger after not so long, I smell that sweet bear-poop smell and know it’s time to get my clipboard out”.

‘Margaret Griswald, head of Natural Sciences at the University of Oxbrdige welcomed the findings,

“At least we now have an answer to that age-old question: ‘does a bear shit in the woods?’ “


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