Going Daily

As I read Warren Ellis was giving up writing a daily post to his blog, I was caught up with the idea of writing daily posts on my own. The glory and the challenge of writing every single day excites me. No doubt the quality of the work will drop dramatically as a result, but never fear dear readers, I’m sure the twin jaws of wage slavery and forgetfulness will snap shut on this little enterprise within days, or “in two shakes of a lambs tail” as my Nan says.

So far in Jessica’s week of fun I have built not just a roof but also a headboard on my bedroom, I’ve finished the entire series  of Freakangels and am perilously close to getting lost in internet searches for fanfic of it, have finally completed week 2 of my statistics course, and am now only three weeks behind, have updated my portfolio, then twitterised the life out of myself, caught up with Lucy, seeing Some Art in the process, built a desk for partner A to get him out of my bed, fired off emails to friends asking for yoga classes and illegal drugs and partially disassembled a pallet.

And it’s only Tuesday!

Still to come: 24 hour zine challenge (you’re not supposed to decide on the theme for the zine until the day and that’s bloody good because I’ve secretly thought up and rejected about ten ideas already), take steps to realise my photo project of ‘up-side down naked boys’, hopefully do some other art too, catch up on my reasoning and arguing coursera course, practice making infographics (perhaps learning Illustrator in the process) and continue to make strides with boarding up the bedroom.

Also, pretty sharp ovulation pain today, must get laid.


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