Welcome to the blog of ssica3003. I’m just old enough/from a certain time on the internet to still use a handle, not my full real name, though I’m sure it’s easy to find it out.

I have spent much of my life attempting to optimise my favourite thing: Thinking About Stuff. It needs two things: time and mental space. In the first decade after school I worked part time jobs and lived cheaply. I got time but not always mental space. For one year I ignored money, made myself homeless and ate from bins. With this method I got more time and more mental space, but was restricted in many other ways. For the last three years I’ve been self-taught coding, and in the last one year the money from that has finally started flowing, so now I can create some chunks of time long enough and well funded enough to also have good mental space.

Closely related to Thinking About Stuff is my love of Reading Stuff and I’m increasing interested in the idea that my Thoughts About Stuff might be practically useful to others and so here you can read my attempts to Write About Stuff.

Recently, I’ve implemented a draft publishing policy, whereby drafts are published within five days of being begun to encourage output. This will lead to posts not quite as polished as one would like / expect but I hope you enjoy hearing the ideas rather than not hearing them.

Ways to read

To read this blog, you can read chronoligcally forwards. I’m sure many people will just start when they find me and read new posts only.

But if you’re like me and want to read everything I’ve posted in the past you can read chronologically backwards. If you lose your place or that doesn’t suit, you could use an atlernative method: selecting a category. Every single post has at least one category, so by sauntering back to the blog and clicking on the same category you will be able to read every post so categorised, then move on to another category There are only about 12 categories or subcategories. In this way you can be sure you’ve read every post.

NB: I assign a category so that every post is indexed, but it may not be an appropriate category. I try to balance making new categories with assigning relevant ones but can fail. My tags are all over the place. I do not really recommend using tags to navigate.

About Me

I am a child of a particular flavour of fundamentalist Christian and I was raised to believe everything was awful. Discovering humans can be simply apathetic, scared or uninterested, as well as happy, content or ecstatic, rather than Just Evil, gave me joy. As did voting, swearing, masturbating, smoking etc. etc. Losing certainty about the world, politics, What To Think and life after death did not.

I am also a child of the self-hating stripe of working class. They actively think and vote against their own interests because other working class people are to be looked down upon as benefit cheats and scroungers while they themselves are virtuous middle class people who happen to have fallen on protracted hard times through no fault of their own.

I am smart (almost definitely genetically – both my parents are smart but emotionally flawed), got into a good school with an entrace exam aged 11 and have thereafter been educated with others in social classes above me. It was my way out of the council estate (social housing) and I’ve continued the social mobility recently by moving to London, a place where that is easier. I would guess I’ve travelled my way almost to upper middle class. I feel conflicted and guilty about that. My brushes with upper/elite class members and institutions lead me to attest to the idea that it is very hard to move more than one class over, and fundamental differences can be too strong in classes more than one jump away.

I have accrued some labels that I see as descriptors, not identities: bisexual, female, polyamorous, feminist, social justice, cyclist, menstrual activist, rationalist, philospher, developer, introvert, INTJ.

I completed a Bachelors (college) degree in Fine Art and do not consider myself an artist (rather I aqcuired my love of philosophy). I wish to pursue a Masters in philosophy as a long networking exercise.

The blog name

The name is a reference to 90s TV show My So-Called Life, I see it is both joiyfully unironic and painfully ironic, it has little relevance to anything new on the blog and I can’t change it now.


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