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Jessica’s Diaries Being Posted On Substack

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve begun transcribing and posting my younger-self diaries to substack.

I started writing a diary at age 10, and reading back on my diaries has been informative and often hilarious over the years. When I started transcribing my diary to turn it into a novel (that one is from around age 25), I realised that other people may enjoy reading the secret diary of someone, even if that someone is ordinary.

And so I began to transcribe my first ever diary, from age 10, with the intention of transcribing it weekly. I think I’ll continue through time for as long as I like. There are plenty of years to cover before I reach the time of the first novel!

To read the diary head on over to:


It’s A Reading Day

Have burned through a ton of episodes of freakangels, which I’ve been recommended to read because I like London, and sci-fi but which I consented to read because it’s written by Warren Ellis. His blog, addictive in itself, has lead me to open tabs to  a story by Matt Fraction, Bruce Sterling writing in Wired magazine which in turn lead me to James Bridle talking about The New Aesthetic, and the creation of shared memory palaces if you and someone else read a book at the same time. Seriously, what is The Invisible Book Club? I don’t want to subscribe to find out because I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of my interest.

I’ve also become re-interested in a person from uni while pruning my twitter feed and I’ve still got a tab open about meditation on the lesswrong blog. I need to re-load the video of Daniel Pinchbeck, whom I saw at Boom 2012, talking to Russell Brand and Eve Ensler. I hope she brings vagina-tastic insights to the discussion (only because I think Daniel misses it out by accident sometimes).

It’s already 4pm and I haven’t even touched my intended books on my “library books I’m really excited about” shelf, here’s a screengrab for you:

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 20.28.13

Plus Feynman’s ‘Six Easy Pieces’, borrowed from a friend. As well as being a little bit, and very gently in love with Russell Brand I’m chuffed to believe that not only was Feynman amazing for all the famous reasons, he was also a bit of a player too. Qualifiedly: this is a good thing.

I’m very happy to find I’ve read almost 300 longish items of fiction in my life, not including kid’s books (except White Fang, because this was the first book I distinctly remember looking forward to getting in to bed to read).